About Steve


Hi, I’m Steve

I’m a red bellied short-neck turtle from Papua New Guinea.

I live in the little corner of Lisa’s room.

I moved in May 19th 2015.

I am constantly hungry and bored, so I destroy random objects.

I love eating everything from fake plastic plants to rocks.

I currently live in an temporary tank but I don’t think I’ll be going back to the big one that I used to live before. Mommy doesn’t live there anymore and has moved out.

I’m hungry right now so I’ll go chewing on some plastic plants.


New backscreen!

I’ve added an aquarium backscreen. It adds so much to the scenery. It may be merely a picture but the atmosphere is so much different – in a fabulous way.

It took quite dome time to install it because I had to move and twitch the filter hoses around. I wish I could hide the hoses behind the screen but the plastic pipes won’t allow it. So this was the best I could do:

Awww the WordPress app doesn’t allow me to upload any media. I’ll post them when I get on my laptop. My phone camera sucks anyways.

June 24th 2015

Stevie’s tank is slightly cloudy.. Not sure if it’s because of the PSB I put in yesterday or the water’s just polluted. I think it’s the PSB.. The water doesn’t smell much unless I put my nose directly into it and sniff which smells of weak fishiness.. How the hell do people cycle turtle tanks anyways? Turtles are the messiest creatures I’ve ever had. Dogs are pure angels compared to turtles. Yes I do have a dog and she is super clean. Turtles have the magical ability to pollute every body of water they’re in. You put a turtle in a perfectly clean tank of water and within a few seconds there are stuff floating in the water and it’s dirty.

I keep my tank clean with three filters. I’ve never imagined keeping THREE filters in a single tank!

I better do partial water changes tomorrow.