Butterfly Placo!

I added a butterfly pleco yesterday and he’s beautiful! I wanted a junevile pleco around the size 8cm so he would be bigger than Steve but the shop I went had only babies barely around 3cm. I half expected him to be eaten by Steve on the way home. However, once he was plopped into the tank, Steve wasn’t interested –  or was rather afraid of the pleco. First he was staring at the pleco with that look he gives to his food . He went closer and closer, the fish spread his back fin as in warning. There was tension going on between the two then nothing really happened.  Steve jerked backwards in terror and went back to his usual endless wall-swimming and the pleco to his bottom sucking. There was peace all day long. The food for pleco is Tetra Placomin which is puny and over priced.. and most of all it pollutes the water-  a lot.


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