June 2nd 

Walked the turtle on the lawn in the sun. He ran and burrowed in the grass. He dug for shadow la. 

I bathed him and fed him. He was less skittish after his tummy full. Even in terror, he loves eating. He is a creature of basic instincts. However, I still believe he has a small pint of ability to learn patterns of his new dry life. 
I wish he could calm down. He’s too young yet. 

Dry turtle dry docked for 12 hours and here’s the 2nd wheel rot report:

Holes got yellow scabs on them. Showing slight signs of holes filling up. 

Center still severe, scab peeled off in the edges because of moving around. 

Put him back in his aquarium for the night to release excessive stress. Fed and turned on strong airation. Water is highly dosed with Melafix. 


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