June 10th: Jeff Walked the Turtle

I walked the turtle with Jeff on my way to work. Jeff popped Steve in a bucket full of water and there we went.

Time was up and I had to leave for work. I had Jeff to babysit Steve and these are the pictures he sent me. 

Can you spot the turtle head?

Steve looks very nature in the grass. I guess nature is where turtles are supposed to be.

Rest in peace, Nubzuck

My pleco passed away. He died a few days away from his 2nd birthday. Jeff was his godfather and he made a tomb for him. It faces his room window. 

Jeff placed a tomb stone on Nubzuck’s grave and placed the home made drift wood on top of it in memorial of the beloved pleco. This is the view from his window. 

We decided to call his tomb, Nubzuck Stone. 

June 6th 

I put on waterproof bandages on the parts of the shell rot and put Steve back in to his tank. He was getting too stressed from dry docking. I hope the bandages work and not get waterlogged. 

See how happy Steve is back in his home?

“Mommy, feed me!”