June 10th: Jeff Walked the Turtle

I walked the turtle with Jeff on my way to work. Jeff popped Steve in a bucket full of water and there we went.

Time was up and I had to leave for work. I had Jeff to babysit Steve and these are the pictures he sent me. 

Can you spot the turtle head?

Steve looks very nature in the grass. I guess nature is where turtles are supposed to be.


June 4th

Walked Steve for 30 minutes in the lawn. 


Nobody seemed to water the lawn. They merely use the place to walk their dogs or to smoke. Nobody cares for the grass.


So I took my watering can with Steve today. It’s a small can but still it’s better than nothing. The lawn needs a lot of water but it hardly rains here so I have to help as much as I can.


Steve made himself a nest next to the poll.