July 3rd

Jubjub feasting on zucchini 

He lunges towards it at the moment Jeff put it into the water. 

Landa wants attention too! Photobomb!


June 11th 

As usual, it’s the weekend and the sun is shining glorious, I headed out with my turtle in the bucket and the watering can on the other hand.

I had to push Steve away from the blocks and the cement. They hurt the soft pink belly shell and skin. 

On the way back home after the walk, I found this exquisite moth sitting in the corner. It is huge!

He was motionless and looked very old. His wings were in the last stages of his life. 

He looked tired and thirsty. The sun was strong and he needed rest. I gave him drops of water to quench his thirst. He had come a long way. He gave subtle movements to the water but I have no idea whether he was drinking or not.

I wished the moth safety till he’s completely gone.

While mommy was interacting with the moth, Steve had to wait in his tiny bucketful of water. 

He didn’t like it.


Now he’s back home taking a breath.

Ah, much better!

June 6th 

I put on waterproof bandages on the parts of the shell rot and put Steve back in to his tank. He was getting too stressed from dry docking. I hope the bandages work and not get waterlogged. 

See how happy Steve is back in his home?

“Mommy, feed me!”